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PRETEEN/YOUNG TEEN MYSTERY SERIES: The main characters [3 girls & 4boys] in the Mosquito Creek Detective Club series are inquisitive & observant solving each mystery by sourcing all clues using their own ingenuity & often with help from a major supporting character who has Down Syndrome...
BOOK 1-"Mosquito Creek Inn"  
BOOK 2-"Black Eagle Pass"  
BOOK 3-"High Stakes Gamble" 
BOOK 4-"Dakota Mist"   
BOOK 5- "Toy Master"
BOOK 6- "Grandma's Red Convertible"
BOOK 7- "WingMan"
Papers found in an old suitcase behind
a hidden door prompt seven kids to snoop where danger has already been...   Reader review: ****
Christmas Eve the kids in the new Club discover two strangers lied and a secret train with a special cargo 
is threatened...  Reader review: ****

The  Club  devises a bold & daring rescue to save the mayor's young son from ruthless gamblers... 
Reader review: ****

Ready for Halloween the Club pieces clues to 100 year-old mystery-then news photos reveal there's another mystery... Reader review:***** 

In the Mosquito Creek Detective Club - 7 seemingly ordinary kids [4boys-3girls] discover they have a unique ability to unravel clues missed by experienced adults...

An overheard conversation causes
the Club to suspect owners of a new
toy factory have treacherous intentions... 
Reader Review ****
Trying to elude parental detection
2Club members take a wrong turn
that becomes a shortcut to trouble when they encounter 3 desperate men... Reader Review ****
The Club becomes suspicious of a manager's activity at a new mine after two 
men disappear and clues hint of a deadly secret that tests their teamwork...
Reader Review ****