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Patchwork Publishing, LLC 'Partners'
No one does anything worthwhile without assistance and Patchwork Publishing is grateful to coordinate much of its' marketing efforts  in 'partnership' with: independent booksellers, Linkedin, RaveReviews, GoodReads, Facebook, Twitter & C0mbined Book Exhibits of New York. Via Combined Book Exhibits 2 books were displayed @ the Beijing Book Fair 2014, 2 books @ the Frankfurt Book Fair 2014, 4 books @ the Bologna Children's Book Fair 2015 - and 8 books were displayed @ Book Expo America, New York City 2015.
One year after her horrifying experience with two escaped felons Laura Baker discovers her attraction to the RCMP officer who burst into her life is even more of a risk than moving on as a single parent. In an attempt to carve out a more independent life fate and danger once again step in to redefine risk...

"SHADOWS AND LIGHT"  **** sequel
Fate introduces Laura Baker to RCMP officer Neil McKenzie when he must inform Laura of her husband's death. Months later camping with her young twins she is confronted by raw nature in the form of a Grizzly and two escaped felons - pursued by the very same police officer...