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American Women got the vote in 1920. Was that 20th Century struggle motive for a 21st Century murder or was that only a small part of the mystery?

When the business card of CSU History Professor Hank Rule is found on the body of a murder victim the Estes Park Sheriff wanted to know why. So did Dr. Rule. After a prime suspect is also murdered and all the clues are more than a century old Dr. Rule is asked to consult 'temporarily'. Chasing clues across the country and a sly killer across Europe Dr. Rule begins to question everything he thought he knew about history...
YEAR  OF  THE  DOG - Sequel
Correlation fused to Karma has an energy that ensures that any unfinished business - gets finished...

CSU History Professor Hank Rule plans to enjoy his retirement, but the Sheriff of Estes Park, Claire Gage,  calls him again. Initially, what appears to be a simple missing persons case sends Sheriff Gage and Dr. Rule in an abruptly unexpected direction. 

Under the layers of an affair with a Catholic Priest, an unexplained death and an ominous organization using the global church network as a tool - the retired university professor and small town sheriff soon discover just how far back corruption in the Catholic Church goes...
Albert Einstein studied dreams as a science...Where do we go when we dream?  

​From inside the wall cavity of a century old building that Olivia Jamieson inherited were the remains of a man who died 80 years before and four original oil paintings stolen in WWII. From the moment of that unsettling discovery Olivia juggles her growing feelings for the lead detective, the  disturbing presence of an art investigator brought in to authenticate the paintings and confusion over reoccurring dreams that seem to be leaving clues.

But just when she begins to make sense of the clues a new murder adds further complications and the confounding case takes another turn with more dreams pointing her in an unexpected direction...
Albert Einstein was also fascinated by 'time'. Olivia Jamieson's dreams are back...

Tuning into a new assignment - to investigate a small Latvian bank suspected of participating in money laundering - the investigations explodes in a terrifying direction after Olivia's dreams point to a completely different threat--all global bank accounts.

Bitcoin...what is it? Who developed an 'investment' that can't be seen or touched or measured by any other standard than its maker? Is cryptocurrency a means for money laundering or hiding profits or triple entry accounting or global monetary control?  
Reviewed by Goodreads 2019 The-Count-Of-Baldpate