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"Once upon a time..." We all expected to live happily-ever-after across the street from the 'Brady-Bunch'
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PATCHWORK PUBLISHING, LLC. was formed in 1993 when I still accepted freelance assignments from magazines & newspapers while working on several book projects in my spare time. [I published the 1st edition of  "Blended Not Shaken" - 2003 from my multi-part features for the Denver Post. The revised 2nd edition titled "ANOTHER-BLENDED NOT SHAKEN" is available via Amazon, Barnes & Noble or any book store.]

A lightly humorous but  practical look at dating and remarriage after divorce w/children. Since 64% of 2nd marriages fail due to the unique stresses of a blended-family I felt if remarrying parents were forewarned they'd be better prepared. Hence, the revised version  ANOTHER-BLENDED NOT SHAKEN  2015 . ​*Published under:  Sherrie L. Todd
I started writing in high school for our monthly newspaper "The Static" and never stopped. From columns to  interviews, features, research & editing. All of it was effort - none of it  was ever 'work'...

Since 2006 I began to focus on writing fiction merged with fact mixing in some history & a touch of romance too... 
Everything changes and evolves and nothing 
more so than in all areas of the arts - which includes - writing. Over two decades I had published columns and features then a nonfiction book and next looked to explore other 'corners' in the world of fiction. 

A few years into that 'journey' I happened to stumble into a mystery series concept in which the 'voice' of the juvenile characters took over my plot ideas completely. Now that 'experience' is not at all foreign to anyone who is creative, paints, sculpts, composes or writes. You think you're going to do 'A' then suddenly you're project is at 'M' and the vast number of creative people don't question what comes to us - we just go-with-it.

With the MG/YA series finished I began a marketing journey that led me to the magazine Story Monsters Ink and in their April, 2019 issue my series and interview shared space with two other creative people.