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NEWS & REVIEWS FOR ADULT SUSPENSE: Because people are busy my Amazon Reader Reviews while  strong are not as numerous as I'd like, but several book clubs invited me to discuss my research and premise behind "24 Sussex Drive" & "Behind The Sun". Each plot began with a question then my curiosity led to research and my overactive imagination went from there...
Victoria Hamilton agrees to campaign for a local town council seat as a means of investigating the town manager, but events soon steer her life from local to national attention  by a secret agency that has already infiltrated Canadian society with plans to run their selected candidate for prime minister.
What really happened "In the beginning..."? An archaeology odyssey seeking to validate the existence of an ancient culture takes six professionals from their predictable, comfortable careers to the military volatility of northern Africa and a jolting discovery that throws their entire quest in a stunning direction.
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Authors write for the joy of story telling - often because they have been entertained by several of their own favorite authors - and I'm no different. With each plot I strive for work that is as good or better than my last effort. With that I'm always thrilled to get email messages from readers. YOUR INPUT IS VERY WELCOME and thank you so very much for buying my books. 
Fate introduced Laura Baker to Neil McKenzie when the RCMP Officer had to inform Laura of her husband's death - but suddenly a widow was only her first test...Surviving a traumatic event pushes Laura to break from the shadow of her ambitious late husband and embrace the light of her own talent. When her art attracts international attention and Neil makes his feelings clear then another test brings Fate and Destiny together to redefine risk...