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A number of book clubs have invited me to discuss my research and the premise of both "24 Sussex Drive" and "The Count Of Baldpate". Both plots began with a question & my curiosity went from there...
When the business card of Professor Hank Rule is found on a murder victim at the Baldpate Inn, Colorado the Estes Park sheriff wants to know why- but clues to 'why' take investigators across the country and across several centuries... 
24 SUSSEX DRIVE   ****
Victoria Hamilton agrees to campaign for a local town council seat as a means of investigating the town manager, but events soon steer her life from local to national attention  by a secret agency that has already infiltrated Canadian society with plans to run their selected candidate for prime minister.
BEHIND THE SUN    *** & ****
An archaeology odyssey seeking to validate the existance of an ancient culture takes six professionals from their predictable, comfortable careers to the military volatility of northern Africa and a jolting discovery that throws their entire quest in a stunning direction.
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When three seemingly unconnected cold-case murders are linked by a rookie detective with a fourth new victim - the current murder investigation is assigned to the worried novice by his captain. But when a homeless veteran steps in to help and the rookies falls for the sister of victim #5 the case becomes even more complicated...